This NMIXX Member Was Accepted By These Three Major Agencies, JYP, YG, And SM

Recently, NMIXX ‘s past photos were uploaded on various social media and online communities, drawing attention.

This is because it is known that Sullyoon has passed all three major agencies, JYP, YG, and SM. Sullyoon was born in 2004 and is 19 years old in Korea this year.

Sullyoon‘s past photos have spread online, and netizens commented, “I’m curious about the real thing,” She’s been perfect since she was a baby“, “So pretty”, “How did you look like that”, and “You have to be at this level to pass everything”.

JYP Entertainment prepared a 7-member rookie girl group NMIXX debuted on February 22.

After its release, it sold 220,000 copies in the first week and received an explosive response.

At the debut showcase held on the 1st, Sullyoon said, “Being like JYP seniors is our big goal and dream, so I think (the existence of seniors) is a great help in Nmix’s journey. I will think about it so that this can happen,”.


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