Netizens Were Curious If This Nmixx Member Is A Relative Of Bae Suzy Since They Resemble Each Other

JYP ​​Entertainment’s newly introduced female idol group Nmixx is ​​very popular.

Nmixx is ​​a rookie who debuted on February 22 with their first single album ‘AD MARE‘.

The public’s interest in each member is soaring, including Lily, who appeared in ‘K-Pop Star Season 4′ and advanced to ‘TOP4‘, and Seolyoon, who is making the hearts of fans flutter with faces resembling Tzuyu and Sana.

JYP Entertainment’s senior member, Suzy, and Nmixx Bae, who look alike not only in voice but also in atmosphere, are also attracting attention.

Even Suzy’s longtime fans are saying that Bae and Suzy’s low-pitched voices are the same.

Even the two people’s aegyo-filled tones are the same, so fans couldn’t help but be surprised that they couldn’t tell who Suzy was when they listened with their faces covered.

There is also a reaction that even the innocent and dense facial features and cute ‘rabbit incisors’ resemble each other.

Their real names are Bae Jinsol (Bae) and Bae Suzy (Suzy), and they even have the same last name, so there is a joke among fans saying, “Aren’t they distant relatives?”

Currently, when you search for ‘Nmixx Bae’ on YouTube,Nmixx Bae Suzy’ comes up with automatic completion.

Fans responded, “How does JYP discover such talented people?” and “It’s like a famous girl group.”

Meanwhile, Nmixx is ​​writing a new history as a girl group, showing its potential to sell 220,000 copies within a week of its debut album release.


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