Netflix Released Their 7 K-Drama Lineup For 2022

Following the Netflix original ‘Squid Game‘, ‘My Name‘, ‘Hellbound‘ and ‘Juvenile Justice‘, Korean dramas to be released this year have been compiled.

Hounding Dogs

Hounding Dogs‘ is the story of three young men who set foot in the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money, getting caught up in a huge force.

Based on the original Naver webtoon of the same name, ‘Youth Police’ director Kim Joo Hwan took charge of directing.

Geon Woo, played by Woo Do Hwan, was a promising boxing prospect, but in order to pay off his mother’s debt, he meets Choi, a loan shark, and begins a new life as a bodyguard. Lee Sang Il takes on the role of Woo Jin, a former boxer who works with Geon Woo.

The Sound of Magic

Anna Sumanara’ is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name serialized in 2010 by webtoon writer Ha Il Kwon.

It is a human drama about the meeting between a girl, Yoon Ah Yi, who became an adult too early, and  Lee Eul, a magician who wants to remain a child even after becoming an adult.

Actor Ji Chang Wook was cast as Lee Eul, and Choi Sung Eun was cast as Yoon Ah Yi.

The Accidental Narco

The Accidental Narco‘ is the story of a civilian businessman who has no choice but to cooperate with the secret operation of the National Intelligence Service to arrest the Korean drug lord who has taken over the country of Suriname in South America.

It is based on a true story and will be directed by director Yoon Jong Bin, who directed the films ‘War Against Crime: The Age of Bad Guys’, ‘Kundo: Age of Rebellion’ and ‘The Duke’.

The cast includes Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, Park Hae Soo, Jo Woo Jin, and Yoo Yeon Seok.

A Model family

A Model family’ is a series work depicting the story of an ordinary father who is on the brink of bankruptcy and divorce, who accidentally finds a car with a lot of money and becomes entangled with the second-in-command of a drug gang.

Actors Jung Woo, Park Hee Soon, Yoon Jin Seo, and Park Ji Yeon appear.

20th Century Girl

Meanwhile, the Netflix movie ’20th Century Girl’ is also coming.

In 1999, at the end of the 20th century, a 17-year-old girl Bora (Kim Yoo Jung), who put friendship over love, suffers from her painful but thrilling first love, and the romance that revolves around the news of that love that comes back in the 21st century.

Money Heist Korean Version

Money Heist‘ is a Spanish drama that is streaming on Netflix and tells the story of a genius called a professor who gathers eight criminals to rob the Spanish Mint and the Central Bank in gold bars.

Actor Yoo Ji Tae was cast to play the role of the crime designer professor of the robbery. Berlin, who takes on the role of the leader of the 8-member robbery, is played by actor Park Hae Soo.

Remarriage & Desires

Remarriage & Desires‘ is a realistic satire depicting the desires of those who dream of entering high society through marriage or remarriage.

Actor Kim Hee Sun plays Seo Hye Seung, who lives as a middle-class housewife in Gangnam and loses everything in an instant.


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