Netizens Are Also Cheering For Han So Hwee’s Strong Stance To Not Repay Her Mother’s Debt

Actress Han So Hee admitted that her mother was accused of fraud and apologized, but there was a reason why she drew a clear line.

On March 7, Han So Hee‘s agency, 9 Ato Entertainment, made an official statement regarding the fact that Han So Hee‘s mother, A, was recently accused of fraud.

The agency said, “In the process of borrowing money, Mrs. A used a bank account in Han So Hee‘s name”, but added, “Han So Hee has no plans to take responsibility for the related debt. We’re sorry for those who unintentionally suffered the damage“.

This is the second time that Han So Hee has been under fire over her mother’s debt.

In 2020, in an online community, a netizen claiming to have been scammed by Han So Hee‘s mother, Mrs. A, appeared.

In response to this, Han So Hee personally disclosed the family history of growing up with her grandmother as a child due to the divorce of her parents through her blog.

Han So Hee confessed, “I didn’t have frequent visits with my mother, so I learned about my mother’s debt after the age of 20, and because I was the daughter and child of my grandmother who raised me, I repaid my mother’s debt from before my debut to where I could reach“.

She apologized, saying, “After my debut, I came to know that my mother borrowed money using my name and activities as a shield through the contact of the debtors and did not repay it”, adding, “I’m sorry that I had more victims due to my mistake that I thought was the only solution“.

Listening to Han So Hee two years ago, it wasn’t that she never paid her mother’s debt. Han So Hee paid off her mother’s debt several times, but she seems to have expressed her determined position as the same problem continued to arise.

Fans are also cheering for Han So Hee‘s strong stance.



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