Netizens Were Shocked As Soon As They Knew The Real Age Of This Actress

Actress Choi Ji Yeon surprised her with her beauty while reminiscent of her 20s.

On March 4, actress Choi Ji Yeon posted 4 photos along with the sentence “I want to grow my hair again” through her Instagram.

In the photo, Choi Ji Yeon, with long hair and a hat, is showing a natural look.

Choi Ji Yeon, who is known to be 48 this year, showed off her smooth skin and bright eyes like a deer, making it hard to believe that she is in her 40s.

Fans could not hide their surprise at Choi Ji Yeon‘s ‘preservative beauty’, still in her 20s, and showed a hot reaction.

In another photo, Choi Ji Yeon showed off her bright, girl-like appearance with a playful expression while drawing a thick and thick eyeliner.

Since her debut, Choi Ji Yeon has been attracting attention for her resemblance to Lee Young Ae and has appealed to her innocent charm through various works.

On February 22, she appeared on JTBC’s ‘Friendly Clinic’ and revealed his daily life and revealed his age.

Meanwhile, Choi Ji Yeon, who caught the eye of her young beauty, is currently operating a personal YouTube channel and communicating with her fans.


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