Lee Jung Jae Receives Special Gift From Blackpink Jennie

There is a male actor who said that he received a flower gift from Jennie, a member of the group Blackpink

He is Lee Jung Jae, an actor who became a global star with Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’. On the afternoon of March 5, Lee Jung Jae posted a video on Instagram with the words “Thank you.” 

Along with the video, he also said thank you by tagging Jennie’s Instagram account.

The video showed Lee Jung Jae looking at a special package gift, a sunglass brand that collaborated with Jennie

He even took out the sunglasses from the package and tried them on. Jennie and Lee Jung Jae have a special relationship.

In October of last year, Jennie appeared on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros‘ and shared an anecdote about the story of her real name ‘Jennie Kim‘. 

Jennie said, “When I saw Lee Jung Jae playing the role of ‘Jae-hee’ in the drama ‘Sandglass‘, my mother said, ‘If I have a son, I should name him Jae Hee. I came up with this similar ‘Jennie’ to name myself,”.


“I had to meet Lee Jung Jae sunbaenim later, so I told him, but my mother was surprised to find out that she was a fan of her, and she liked it a lot.” she explained.

At the time, Jennie said, “Everyone doesn’t think my name is my real name, but my real name is Kim Jennie in Korean.”

“Actually, my mother is a fan of actor Lee Jung Jae, so I was named Jennie,” she said. 


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