Actor Lee Jong Hyuk Shares His Hillarious Moment With His Son Tak Su

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk boasted his first son, who inherited the blood of Joo Dang.

In IHQ’s ‘General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be aired on March 5, Lee Jong Hyuk, Jang Dong Min, and Song Hae Na are depicted having a drinking making. On this day, Lee Jong Hyuk is planning to tell the story of his son Tak Su as if he had suddenly thought about it when Jang Dong Min ordered soju.

Prior to the broadcast, the production team revealed part of an episode with Lee Jong Hyuk‘s son Tak Su.

Lee Jong Hyuk said, “I went to my in-laws’ house on Lunar New Year’s Day, but there was no soju. Taksu is a college student, so he can buy alcohol now. He bought a bottle,”.

“I was curious, so when I asked, ‘Do you drink soju with a red cap?’,

Taksu replied, “I eat with my friends. The red cap is sweet.

Lee Jong Hyuk said that he and his son drink all the 7 bottles of soju that Tak Su bought, and he was surprised too.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Hyuk married Choi Eun Ae in 2002, and they have two sons, Lee Tak Su and Lee Jun Su. Tak So, who turned 20 this year, is preparing to become an actor, and recently received the news that he was accepted into the theater and film department of a university.

The appearance of Lee Jong Hyuk, who delivered the alcohol episode related to his son, can be seen through the ‘shareholder meeting’, which will be broadcast at 10 pm on the same day.


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