Mamamoo’s Solar Revealed Her Workout And Diet Preparations Ahead Of Her Solo Comeback

Mamamoo’s Solar, ahead of her solo comeback, revealed her diet routine.

On March 3, on the YouTube channel ‘Solasido‘, Solar released a vlog video of a day of extreme diet.

Solar said, “I’m preparing for a comeback. So I’m dieting hard, but it’s not easy to diet because I took a body profile picture and came to Yo-Yo.” However, he added that the music video shoot was only a few days away, so he would go on a more extreme diet.

After breakfast, Solar took nutritional supplements such as lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, and zinc carnitine. Solar said, “It’s a big deal. I don’t have energy because I’m on a diet. I couldn’t exercise yesterday as well.”

After working out for two and a half hours, Solar went straight to the choreography practice room. Just before choreography practice, Solar said, “I just finished exercising while practicing and I’m not strong enough to practice right away, so I guess I’ll have to eat and do it.” She took out a simple lunch she brought from home.

Although Solar is struggling with extreme diets, she explained, “When filming a music video or comeback approaches, there are so many things to do, so I tend to make simple meals.”

After two hours of practice, they immediately went to purchase stage props such as lenses to be used on stage. After gathering the props she had prepared, Solar started having a late dinner at 10 pm. Dinner that day was Greek yogurt, 3 cherry tomatoes, and a few frozen blueberries.

Meanwhile, Solar will release her first mini-album ‘容: FACE‘ on the 16th.


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