Cho Yi Hyun Revealed The Food Supplement She Buys To Grow Even Taller

An unexpected nutritional supplement that actress Cho Yi Hyun buys every time she visits a pharmacy has been revealed.

Recently, on the artist company’s official YouTube channel, a video titled ‘ Cho Yi Hyun‘s bag revealed‘ was uploaded.

The released video showed Cho Yi Hyun taking out items from the bag and introducing them to fans.

Cho Yi Hyun, who usually wears a backpack, showed a pouch that did not take off the tag from the script that showed signs of hard work. 

In particular, what drew attention was ‘Tenten‘, a well-known nutritional supplement for tall people.

Cho Yi Hyun smiled brightly, saying, “It’s a luxury that only adults can do. I like Tenten so much.”

Then, she said, “I buy it every time I go to the drugstore. It’s my precious vitamin,” and showed the fans several Tenten in the bag, feeling proud. 

As Cho Yi Hyun is known to be 161 cm tall, fans are joking around saying, “Is this because you want to be taller?”

Some netizens said that Tenten’s characteristic strawberry flavor is good and that it tastes like caramel.

Meanwhile, Cho Yi Hyun has established herself as a rising star by playing the role of class leader Nam Ra in the Netflix series ‘All Of Us Are Dead, which was released in January.


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