Viewers Admire BTS Jin And Chef Lee Yeon Bok Long Lasting Friendship Despite Their Huge Age Gap

Chef Lee Yeon Bok revealed the story of Jin of BTS.

On March 3, Channel S ‘Along with the Gods Season 2’ opened the 30th pre-release video featuring Lee Yeon Bok as a guest.

On this day, Lee Yeon Bok said that he was once moved by his best friend Jin.

Lee Yeon Bok said, “Once, my grandson said, ‘When is Jini Hyung coming?’ So, I left a message on KakaoTalk saying, Jin, when are you coming?

“Jin came right after the performance that day,” he added.

Lee Yeon Bok expressed his gratitude, saying, “I do the apple hair makeup as it is,” and said, “When I come home, I play with my grandson and take pictures.”

He also shared a touching anecdote related to strawberries.

Lee Yeon Bok said, “It’s 10 o’clock at night, but (to Jin) I got a phone call asking where I am, and I said it’s home, and he said that there are really delicious strawberries and he brought them.

Lee Yeon Bok, who came from Hannam-dong to Yeonhui-dong, told Jin to come in and leave for a while.

However, Jin said, “I have a schedule for tomorrow,” and went back to his house, leaving only the strawberries.

MC Park Seon Young, who heard this, said, “It’s something that can happen between lovers.”

64-year-old Lee Yeon Bok and 31-year-old Jin, who formed a relationship through JTBC’s ‘Take Care of My Refrigerator’ in 2017, have maintained a friendship that transcends the 33-year age difference for a long time.

Episode 30 of ‘Along with the Gods 2‘ will be broadcast on the 4th at 8 PM.


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