Netizens Went Crazy Seeing Jennie Dance Red Velvet’s ‘Red Flavor’

BLACKPINK’s Jennie captured the hearts of viewers by refreshingly digesting the choreography of Red Velvet’s hit song ‘Red Flavor’.

On March 3, on YouTube ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’, the 9th trailer for ‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip 2‘ was released, featuring singers Song Min Ho, Jennie, Lee Chan Hyuk, Eun Ji Won, and the entire YG Entertainment family.

In the video, a difficult ‘music quiz’ was conducted in which you had to listen to a specific song, guess the title and the singer’s name, and then digest the choreography of the song.

When the hit song ‘Red Flavor’ of Red Velvet, to which her best friend Irene belongs, came out as a question, Jennie immediately performed a choreography which shows that she knows how to dance.

Jennie, who took the center stage among the many performers, showed off her refreshing yet elegant dance line.

Jennie, who showed a cute smile and cute gestures, reinterpreted the ‘red taste‘ in her own style, exuding a lovely atmosphere.

Jennie has maintained a dark and strong concept with the Blackpink members with songs such as ‘How You Like That‘ and ‘Kill This Love’.

Then, when she danced ‘Red Flavor‘ cutely, the fans showed an explosive reaction saying, “The cute concept suits her too.”

On the other hand, Jennie and Irene, who became close friends because they shared the same makeup shop, boasted of their long-standing friendship, such as changing each other’s choreography on stage and exchanging gifts before.

Fifteen Nights on Business Trip 2‘, which became a hot topic for Jennie showing off her splendid dancing skills, will be available on tvN at 10:30 pm on the 4th.  

Watch the video below:


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