Jeon Somi Almost Leaked a Song Believed to be BLACKPINK’s New Song During Her Instagram Live

Singer Jeon Somi leaked a song believed to be BLACKPINK‘s new song during Instagram live.

Jeon Somi communicated with fans through her Instagram live on March 2nd. She said she started live broadcasting out of boredom and for the first time she’s unveiling their YG Black Label Studio.

On this day, she opened a door to another studio to find the source of the sound from outside during the broadcast. When she knocked and opened the door, a song presumed to be Jenny‘s voice came out.

It was a short moment in less than three seconds, but some of the rhythmical dance music was leaked. Jeon Somi told the staff in the studio, “I’m doing a live broadcast“, and was restless, saying, “It could have been a real disaster“.

After the broadcast, the part was cut off in the online community and SNS, and the video spread under the title of “Blackpink New Song Leak“.

Finally, foreign media also reported articles focusing on the leakage of BLACKPINK‘s new song, raising Jeon Somi and Jenny‘s faces side by side.

Then, YG Entertainment deleted the video due to copyright issues such as music on YouTube and SNS.

On the other hand, fans are responding positively, saying that they are so happy that they can’t wait to hear the song in a short moment.

BLACKPINK is set to make a comeback as a whole group this year. The exact schedule is unknown, but it is drawing keen attention because it is a comeback after the domestic full-length album “THE ALBUM” released in October 2020.



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