SF9’s Rowoon Wants to Focus on the Message of the Drama “Tomorrow” Instead of Feeling Pressured by Success of “The King’s Affection”

In a written interview, Rowoon of MBC’s anticipated film “Tomorrow” in the first half of 2022, expressed confidence in the team chemistry with Kim Hee Sun and Yoon Ji On, who united as crisis management teams, raising expectations.

MBC‘s new Friday-Saturday drama “Tomorrow“, which will premiere on March 25 is a drama based on a webtoon of the same name by Ra Ma, and follows the story of Choi Jun Woong and his job with the Special Crisis Management Team of the underworld.

Rowoon will play the role of Choi Jun Woong, a contract employee of the crisis management team who unexpectedly got his first job in the underworld in an anti-human and semi-marriage state.

In this regard, Rowoon said, “The message from the drama was good” as to the reason for choosing “Tomorrow“. In particular, “Tomorrow” is Rowoon‘s next work immediately following the success of his previous drama “The King’s Affection“.

Accordingly, he said, “There is no pressure on performance at all. Because viewership is the realm of the sky“, adding, “If I focus on the message of the drama, I think a good message will remain for me, so I try to focus on the essentials rather than the ratings. In that sense, I think ‘Tomorrow’ will be a drama that will comfort me as well“.

In addition, Ro Woon said about his character Choi Jun Woong, “Jun Woong is ordinary but has a lot of emotional parts. That’s why sometimes incidents happen, and he’s an inexperienced but warm-hearted character” he said, expressing his affection.

Regarding the synchronization rate with the character, he said, “In order to completely melt into the character and show good acting, I am acting with a synchro rate of 0%“, making viewers look forward to his performance by transforming completely into Choi Jun Woong, who saves people with warm attention.

On the other hand, Rowoon said, “Director, the writer said he wanted to have wit and fun elements in playing Choi Jun Woong‘s character“, adding, “Because the atmosphere on the scene is good, situations and lines that were not in the script are naturally created while filming. I hope you’ll look forward to it“, drawing attention by delivering a friendly atmosphere at the filming site.

In addition, Rowoon said, “The chemistry of the crisis management team is 95 points“, raising expectations by confidence in the team chemistry with Kim Hee Sun and Yoon Ji On, saying, “In fact, I think it’s 100 points myself, but I believe the remaining 5 points will be seen and judged by the viewers“.

Rowoon said to the original writer Ra Ma, who is sending enthusiastic support, “I was burdened with doing the original work, but I am grateful that you enjoyed it. It’s an honor to be able to work together with such a good message“, he said, expressing his gratitude and warmth.

Finally, Rowoon pointed out “fun” as the reason for watching “Tomorrow” and said, “I think you can feel that I had fun while filming the show. I ask for your interest in ‘Tomorrow’



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