Seo Yea Ji Makes First Appearance For “Eve” Script Reading

Actress Seo Ye Ji, who had been exposed to various controversies such as gaslighting and forgery of academic background, is returning.

The tvN drama ‘Eve‘, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of the year, released a picture of the script reading on February 25.

Eve‘ is the most intense and deadly passionate melodrama revenge drama that will destroy 0.1% of Korea. Director Park Bong Seop, who directed ‘Drama Stage 2020Blackout‘ and ‘Wonderful Rumors‘, and writer Young Mi Yoon, who wrote dramas ‘Birth of a Beauty‘ and ‘A Well-Raised Daughter’, collaborated for this drama.

In the picture of the script reading, Seo Ye Ji is posing with a plain face. She played the role of Irael, a woman who designed revenge in the drama.

Regarding Seo Ye Ji, the production team said, “Eve contains the process of meticulously preparing ‘Irael’ for revenge, so acting skills and a sense of immersion are important. Since then, I have analyzed the script more thoroughly than anyone else.”

Eve is expected to be the comeback work of Seo Ye Ji, who was suspended due to various controversies.


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