Yoon Chan Young Receives Pocket Money From His Second Mother Song Yoon Ah

There was a rumor that actress Song Yoon Ah gave pocket money to her son Yoon Chan Young in ‘Mama‘ to celebrate his university admission.

On February 23, on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea, the content ‘Your Name TAG’ with Yoon Chan Young, who gained great popularity through Netflix’s ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, was uploaded.

On this day, Yoon Chan Young selected the Cartier Santos Dumont watch, which is sold at 5.1 million won, as one of his ‘favorite items’.

Yoon Chan Young started explaining, “Sunbaenim Song Yoon Ah gave me pocket money to commemorate my (high school) graduation and (university) admission.”

He pondered what kind of things he should buy with the pocket money he received from Song Yoon Ah.

After much deliberation, Yoon Chan Young purchased a Cartier wristwatch.

“She informed me that I am a precious person to her”, he said.

Afterward, he was asked, “What kind of person is Song Yoon Ah to you?”

Yoon Chan Young replied, “She’s like my mother, so I just feel very grateful.

Yoon Chan Young and Song Yoon Ah worked together in the 2014 MBC drama ‘Mama‘.

In 2020, when Yoon Chan Young became a college student, Song Yoon Ah posted a two-shot with him on Instagram, saying, “My son became a college student. Actor Yoon Chan Young grew up so well. “

“My mom is totally rooting for me and she released two photos with me.”, he said

Also, on February 3, Song Yoon Ah said to Yoon Chan Young, who became popular with All Of Us Are Dead‘, “Our Chan Young. I’m so moved that you’ve grown up so well as an actor. The days when I was able to do “MAMA” with you come to mind again. Congratulations. I’ll cheer you on with all my heart to go better and successful in the future,”

Seeing this, Yoon Chan Young said, “ Another mother, Yoona. Thank you so much for giving us so much strength. I hope my support will help you, too. Thank you and I love you,”.


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