Taeyeon Was Assumed To Be Carrying Cigarettes, Here’s The Reason Why

Taeyeon was greatly embarrassed by the ‘Generation Z‘ fans who mistook a cassette tape for a cigarette.

On February 23, Taeyeon and Key appeared on a YouTube live broadcast of the ‘Mukbang‘ YouTuber, Short-lipped Haetnim, who met through the tvN entertainment program ‘Amazing Saturday‘.

More than 60,000 live broadcast viewers flocked to the news that Taeyeon and Key, who usually showed off their extraordinary sense of entertainment, appeared on the show.

In response, Taeyeon showed off her recently released new song ‘INVU‘ and started promoting passionately.

When Taeyeon showed the album that came out on a cassette tape, a fan asked if it was a cigarette.

Short-mouthed Sunnim and Key, including Taeyeon, did not know that the fan had misunderstood and checked whether the cigarette was on the broadcast screen.

After realizing that the cassette tapes and cigarette packs looked alike, Taeyeon laughed out loud, saying that she never thought of it.

Then, she acknowledged the generation gap, saying that ‘Gen Z’ fans may see cassette tapes for the first time.

Taeyeon showed the tape album in detail again and explained for the young fans, “This is the tape.

Short-mouthed Hat Nim surprised Taeyeon by saying that the tape album came out with 80’s sensibility.

Meanwhile, TAEYEON, who made a comeback with ‘INVU‘, performed live and dance on the same day and showed a professional side, receiving a lot of cheers from fans.


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