Jeon So Mi Opens The Gift She Received From Jennie

Jeon So Mi revealed the gift she received from Jennie.

Jeon So Mi posted a video on her Instagram story on February 23 with the caption, “The packaging was pretty, so it was a pity to open it, so I only displayed it, but I finally opened it today.”

In the released video, Jeon So Mi received a gift from Jennie. Jeon So Mi opened the huge box packaging.

When she did not open the packaging at will, she said, “Why am I not doing well?” She expressed regret.

Earlier, on February 9, Jennie uploaded a short video titled ‘How to open your Jentle Garden’. The released video showed Jennie opening a gift from a fashion brand.

Jennie delivered the gift to several people, including Im Soo Hyang, Song Min Ho, Kang Seung Yoon, Jeong Ho Yeon, Jisoo, Shin Hyun Ji, and Jessica.


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