Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Sold A 15 Billion Won Building, 4 Billion Won Is The Estimated Profit

Actor Ryu Jun Yeol has achieved great success in ‘Building Tech’, attracting the attention of fans.

On February 24, Dispatch reported that Ryu Jun Yeol sold a small building in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for 15 billion won.

According to the report, Ryu Jun Yeol made at least 4 billion won in profit from this sale.

In 2020, Ryu Jun Yeol bought the land in Yeoksam-dong for 5.8 billion won under the name of ‘Deep Breeding’, a private corporation. At this time, Ryu Jun Yeol borrowed 5.2 billion won from his bank, which is 90% of his sale price.

Afterward, Ryu Jun Yeol raised a two-story building below the ground and seven above.

It is said that he received another loan of 1.7 billion won, which is 70% of the 2.4 billion won construction cost for the new construction.

Ryu Jun Yeol became the owner of the building in November last year, and immediately put it on the market and sold it in January of this year.

The profit he earned is estimated at 6 billion won before tax, and 4 billion won after tax.

Ryu Jun Yeol ‘s real estate investment strategy can be seen as ‘leveraged investment’ in which he establishes a private corporation and receives as many loans as possible.


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