‘Boys Flight’ Official Poster Featuring Yoon Chan Young And Won Ji An Was Released

The ‘Boys Flight‘ which will premier on March 25, is a teenager who meets Yoon Tak, an 18-year-old girl who was being used as a means of transporting drugs by her parents and finds a hemp field.

The acting teamwork of Won Ji An (Kyung Da Jeong), Yoon Chan Young (Yoon Tak) , Yoon Hyun Soo (Gong Yoon Jae), Han Se Jin ( Kim Kook Hee), and Yang Seo Hyun (Hong Ae Ran), who are united with precarious youth, is expected.

Meanwhile, the teaser poster released draws attention as it shows the images of the two young people, Kyung Da Jeong (played by Won Ji An), and Yoon Tak (played by Yoon Chan Young), who are spending 18 years old, far from ordinary. In particular, the close feeling created by the crossing of red and green lights further highlights the unstable atmosphere of those in the poster.

There is only emptiness on the face of Kyung Da Jeong in the poster. The phrase “I wanted to be an ordinary 18” seems to reflect the situation of light kindness thrown away in harsh reality at the immature age of 18, which is regrettable.

On the other hand, Yoon Tak‘s eyes looking up at the sky feel confused. The phrase “there was no such 18 plans” is significant. 

As such, ‘Boys Flight’ is warming up expectations with a teaser poster that lets you guess the mood of the drama at once with a mysterious color combined with the eyes of actors who seem to be completely immersed in the character. In addition, the synergy that will be exerted through the meeting of Won Ji An and Yoon Chan Young, who will play the 18-year-old youth with their own stories, is also looking forward to it.


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