Mamamoo’s Solar Will Have A Solo Comeback This March

MAMAMOO’s Solar will return as a solo artist in March.

RBW unexpectedly revealed the face motion logo of Solar’s first mini-album ‘容: FACE‘ through the official SNS at midnight on February 22, and announced the news of a comeback in March.

In the released motion logo video, a plaster statue modeled after Solar‘s face appears.

Next, the words ‘容 (face dragon)’ appears on the face, and the video ends. The short but impactful composition raised expectations for a solo comeback.

Solar’s solo comeback is the first in a year and 11 months since the single album ‘SPIT IT OUT‘ was released in April 2020.

Her new album ‘容: FACE‘ was inspired by the Chinese character ‘容’ of Solar’s real name ‘Kim Yong-seon’. As much as her solar name is her own, she plans to capture her true and sincere appearance.

Previously, Solar showed a passion that is not afraid to take on new challenges through the single album ‘SPIT IT OUT’. She proved her limitless charm by digesting the concept of shaved as well as styling the naughty one.

Recently, through her personal YouTube channel ‘Solasido’, she released various content and spent a hiatus communicating with fans. Solar, who returned as a solo singer after a long time, raises curiosity about what kind of face she will show with ‘容: FACE‘.

Solar is busy preparing for her first mini-album ‘容: FACE‘ with the goal of making a comeback in March.


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