IU’s ‘2022 IU Concert’ Was Officially Cancelled

It was confirmed that singer IU was preparing for the ‘2022 IU concert‘ at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul and canceled it.

Upon hearing this news, IU’s fans were saddened.

As a result of checking on the ‘Seoul Information Communication Plaza’, the information disclosure system of Seoul on February 22, the ‘2022 IU Concert‘ was abruptly canceled.

The Seoul Sports Facility Management Office, the agency in charge, posted an official notice ‘Cancellation of approval for use of Jamsil Olympic Stadium and refund of usage fees (2022 IU Concert)‘.

In the official document, the Seoul Sports Facility Management Office stated, “Article 11(4) of the Ordinance on the Installation and Operation of Sports Facilities in Seoul (Return of Fees). Due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters, games or events were not held because the use of the facilities became impossible. If it is not possible, the entire usage fee and admission fee will be refunded.”

An official from the Seoul Sports Facility Management Office said to the Wikitree on the same day, “The request from that person (IU’s side) came in and took care of the administrative process. “

According to this, IU was preparing for a concert in 2022 at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, but it is expected that it will be canceled in consideration of the recent severe Corona 19 situation.

So far, IU has not publicly revealed its plans for a concert in 2022. 

Below is the official notice posted on the Seoul Information and Communication Plaza.


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