Nam Sang Woo Expressed His Difficulties In Portraying As Zombie In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Actor Nam Sang Woo expressed his difficulties when playing a zombie character.

On the morning of February 21, KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’ featured actors Kim Dan Bi and Nam Sang Woo, who played active roles in the Netflix original ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘.

On this day, DJ Park Myung Soo was curious about the treatment of the actors who played zombies, and Nam Sang Woo said, “We do not get paid for each episode, but according to the number of times we go to the set.” “The pay is not particularly big.”

Nam Sang Woo added, “There are times when I wear blindfolded lenses, and then there is a lot of risk of getting hurt. It’s not easy because you have to wear makeup for 30 minutes to 1 hour for a small role, and about 3 hours for a big role with a one-shot.”

Kim Dan Bi also added, “There are a lot of zombie actors lying around.


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