Korean Netizens Are Angry Over Past Video Of Henry Wearing A Mask With A Chinese Flag And “I love China” Written On It

Henry, who wore a mask with the Chinese flag and “I love China” written on it, was embroiled in a controversy that this time he was silent about Korean insults.

On February 21st, in various online communities, articles expressing doubts about the comments on Henry‘s YouTube channel were posted.

Netizens informed that Henry‘s vlog comments posted in September of last year were receiving dozens of comments a day.

What netizens pointed out was the tone of the comments. Comments such as “I like Henry“, “I love you”, etc. have an awkward ‘translation tone‘.

Moreover, they argued that comments degrading Korea still remain, while comments criticizing China and Chinese are being deleted shortly thereafter.

As a result, domestic public opinion about Henry is getting colder.

Earlier, on October 1, last year, Henry wore a Chinese mask to commemorate the Chinese National Day and posted a congratulatory message on National Day.

He also took a pro-China step by posting a video of him playing a song titled “I Love China“.

Domestic netizens expressed their disappointment by commenting, “Are you looking at China but not looking at Korea?” and “Why are you doing this when you are promoting in Korea?

Meanwhile, Henry was born to a Hong Kong-based father of Chinese nationality and a Taiwanese mother. His nationality is known as Canadian.



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