Get To Know Yoo In Soo With This 8 Facts About Him

Yoo In Soo is one of the favorite K-drama villains today with his appearance in All Of Us Are Dead.

With this, he gained global popularity and we’re happy to see him shine due to his remarkable acting skills.

So, if you’re new to the fandom, here are seven facts that you should know about Yoo In Soo:

Yoo In Soo was born on March 25, 1998.

And this makes him a 23-year-old Aries. According to some horoscopes, those under this star sign are known for their warm and caring personality.

They’re also the fearless go-getters you’ll love to be with!

He made his K-drama debut in 2017.

Did you know that In Soo starred in five K-dramas during his debut year? He was cast in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping, School 2017, Avengers Social Club, and Sweet Revenge (which also features his All Of Us Are Dead co Stars Park Solomon, Cho Yi Hyun, Ham Sung Min, and Lee Eun Saem).

The following years proved to be busier for In Soo as he appeared in more series, namely My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Moments Of 18, Love Alarm, and At A Distance, Spring Is Green.

He plays Yoon Gwi Nam in All Of Us Are Dead.

In Soo is not new to bad guy roles but his character in the Netflix All Of Us Are Dead is his most remarkable to date.

In All Of Us Are Dead, he’s a notorious bully named Yoon Gwi Nam who scared the hell out of us with his evil ways. He makes his classmates’ lives miserable, does not respect anyone (even the school principal), and will do anything to get his revenge on you.

Although he’s daunting, Gwi Nam always places second in his group of friends and is actually just an errand boy of Hyosan High School’s biggest bullies.

Since he doesn’t want to show this to others, he goes out of his way to let them know that he’s the king of the school. “He becomes a bigger threat to the survivors rather than the zombies,” said In Soo during the press con for All Of Us Are Dead.

Director Lee Jae Gyu was so impressed with In Soo‘s acting chops that he described him as an actor who “has such depth in his acting,” and we couldn’t agree more! The facial expression, the way he utters words when he’s in rage—there’s no doubt that In Soo was really made for this role.

Yoo In Soo is great at monologue acting.

And he was even awarded for his talent!.

In 2016, he won the grand prize at the SAC Youth Acting Contest under the monologuing category. ICYDK, monologuing is delivering an uninterrupted speech.

He’s under Management Koo.

This entertainment label also houses Ham Eunjung (Dream High), Yoon Kyung Ho (My Name), and Min Do Hee (My ID Is Gangnam Beauty), to name a few.

Management Koo is active not only on Instagram but also on YouTube, where you can watch vlogs featuring In Soo.

Yoo In Soo has a number of Korean celebrity friends.

Including Extraordinary You actor Lee Jae Wook and NU’EST’s Minhyun!

Both of them showed their support to his latest project by promoting his poster on their Instagram stories.

In Soo is also friends with his fellow All Of Us Are Dead cast member, Yoon Chan Young.

He has already visited the Philippines.

Yup, you read that rightIn Soo has already been to the PH, particularly in Cebu! We spotted some photos of him in the Queen City Of The South from his IG stories.

His hobby is sewing

Yes, you heard it right. In Soo likes to sew in his free time. He revealed it on his interview with Zipping.

Yoo In Soo has an Instagram account.

Go ahead and follow him @k.a_innsoo for more cute content! Here, you’ll get to see behind-the-scenes from his dramas, selfies with his friends, and boyfriend pics.

P.S: He likes wearing black that’s why his fave bag is in this color, too!.


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