Blinks Expressed Their Frustrations To YG Entertainment Due To Blackpink’s Long Hiatus

Fans of the group ‘Blackpink‘ have complained to their agency, YG Entertainment. 

On February 20, on the online community Nate board, ‘Blackpink‘ fans raised the issue of their comeback. The fans who wrote the article said, “Since their debut in 2016, ‘Blackpink’ has 23 songs, including the b-side tracks and title songs. It’s surprising that the group still exists. Please, I wish the agency would do some work.” 

Other netizens sympathized, saying, “It’s been 7 years now, and I wish I could do a bit of promotion in Korea”, “It’s hard for fans to do that,” and “If it’s another group, that number of songs will come out in one or two years.” 

Blackpink is a four-member girl group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

Since then, they have released a number of popular songs such as ‘Playing With Fire’, ‘As If It’s Your Last’, ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, and ‘Lovesick Girls’. 

In addition, based on a single album, it has the highest Initial Chodong sales by a girl group (680,000 copies), the first in total girl group sales (1.4 million copies), and the number of YouTube subscribers of Blackpink raised to 72 million.


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