This Actress Is Being Bashed Online Because She Looks Like A Filipino

Actress Ko So Young responded coolly to comments that evaluated her appearance. 

Ko So Young posted several photos on her Instagram on February 19 with the words “#Fakeper #Spenser #Dianaby”.

In the published photo, Ko So Young is wearing a pale purple cardigan and jeans with a fake fur coat. The force that is not covered even with a mask and a unique fashion sense is admired.

However, one netizen frowned by commenting, “The 1st and 2nd photos look like Filipinos.”

It made even those who judged Ko So Young‘s appearance uncomfortable.

In response, netizens commented, “It’s not polite”, “Why are you evaluating her appearance?” They left a variety of great comments.

In fact, Ko So Young commented coolly without feeling bad.

She resolutely responded, “I am native to Korea,” and the fans cheered by leaving applause emoticons, etc.

Ko So Young made her debut in 1992 and received great love for her appearance in various works. She married actor Jang Dong Gun in 2010 and she has a son and a daughter.


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