Short Track Speed Skater Kwak Yoon Gy Accused Of Plastic Surgery Due To Different Nostril Sizes

The reason why short track speed skater Kwak Yoon Gy‘s nostrils are different has been re-examined.

On February 16th, Kwak Yoon Gy conducted a live broadcast on his personal YouTube channel “Hold Tight Yoongi-Kwak Yoon Gy“. On this day, Kwak Yoon Gy was suspected of “funny and sad” plastic surgery while communicating with fans, saying, “The size of his nostrils is different“.

As a result, Kwak Yoon Gy‘s nose injury in the past has become a hot topic.

Kwak Yoon Gy, who appeared on JTBC‘s entertainment show “Money Road” in April 2020, revealed why his nostrils became uneven.

When MC Song Eun Yi mentioned his injury to Kwak Yoon Gy, saying, “I heard that you hurt your nose“, Kwak Yoon Gy replied, “In the process of overtaking a person in front of me while playing, my nostrils were cut off and my nose collapsed sideways“.

At the same time, he still showed the knife marks on his nose, causing regret among the MCs.

Earlier, Kwak Yoon Gy complained that the dimple on his cheek was also caused by being torn by the skating blade of the person in front of him.

Netizens expressed their gratitude for his continued skating moves, even though Kwak Yoon Gy, whose face was injured twice by a blade, could cause trauma.

Meanwhile, Kwak Yoon Gy competed in the men’s 5,000m short track speed skating relay on February 16th and won a silver medal, drawing applause.



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