Seohyun Confesses The Reason Why She Was Not Happy At All After Debuting With Girls’ Generation

Seohyun of Girls’ Generation revealed the story that she was not happy even after her debut was confirmed, raising questions.

In the 188th episode of MBC‘s “Omniscient Point of View“, which aired on February 19th, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun appeared and revealed her daily life of enjoying a good rest, such as driving with her close singer Lee Hwan Hee and going to a café.

After a busy schedule such as a pictorial shoot, Seohyun drove a white sports car to meet Lee Hwan Hee, a 20-year-old friend and former SM Entertainment trainee.

MC Lee Young Ja, who asked about Lee Hwan Hee‘s recent situation, said, “I am currently married“.

Seohyun showed off her extraordinary friendship by introducing Lee Hwan Hee as a “friend who knows everything about her“.

Seohyun and Lee Hwan Hee, who went on a drive together to Namyangju, held hands and shed tears, expressing their gratitude and sorry for not taking good care of each other because they were busy.

MC Song Eun I, who watched this, said, “You take on the same path of debut and depended on each other, but Hwan Hee wasn’t able to debut as part of Girls’ Generation?

Seohyun expressed her sad feelings that she could not contact Lee Hwan Hee for several days when she was unable to debut as Girls’ Generation.

Seohyun recalled that she had no joy when she heard that Lee Hwan Hee was eliminated even though her idol debut was confirmed.

Seohyun also shed tears, recalling the difficult times.

While he was sorry that her debut was confirmed, she revealed that she received a congratulatory message from Lee Hwan Hee first, confessing that Lee Hwan Hee was an indispensable friend.

Meanwhile, Lee Hwan Hee has been active in various fields, including models, since her debut in the music industry with her single album Secret in 2012.



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