Yang Han Yeol Shares His Relationship With The ‘CR Squad’ In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ + Other Shocking Revelations

The familiar and fresh face of an actor appears in the Netflix original ‘All of Us Are Dead‘. This actor is Yang Han Yeol, who was born in 2003. In the drama, he takes on the role of Yoo Jun Seong, who is timid but genuinely thinks of his friends, and fights with the archery group Jang Ha Ri(Seung Ri Ha), Jin Ho Eun(Jung Min Jae), and Park Mi Jin (Lee Eun Saem)in a school surrounded by zombies.

There was a work that made his name well known before ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, and that was the 2011 MBC drama ‘The Greatest Love‘. At that time, Yang Han Yeol was loved by many viewers by appearing in the play as Goo Ae Hwan (Jung Jun Ha)’s son and Goo Ae Jeong (Gong Hyo Jin)‘s nephew. In particular, the nickname ‘Ding Tong’, which was called a nickname in the drama, was also a trademark of Yang Han Yeol.

Yang Han Yeol, who has grown into an adult now, is preparing for college while enjoying the global success of ‘All of Us Are Dead‘. Yang Han Yeol, who met with News 1 recently, shared his thoughts on ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ and his feelings about turning 20. I heard the story of the growth of ‘Ding-Dong’ and Yoo Jun Seong in ‘All of Us Are Dead‘.

-In the past, it became known that you played the role of ‘Ding Tong‘ in ‘The Greatest Love’, and it drew attention.

▶”When it was first revealed, they thought I was a rookie actor. (Laughs) Later, when I announced the fact that it was ‘Ding-Dong‘ on Instagram, people responded, ‘This is how Ding-Dong’s grown up’ and ‘That kid is here.’. Also, there were quite a few people who didn’t remember me.” he responded.

– ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ was a drama that properly engraved the name of actor Yang Han Yeol in that sense.

▶”It was good in that way, and I took pride in appearing in a series on a big platform called Netflix. I think a lot about how proud I am. I was grateful that so many people showed interest in Korean dramas, and I thought that I should work harder in acting in the future. I have mixed emotions right now.”, he replied.

– How did you start working as a child actor?

▶ “For child roles, I originally did ‘Kiss’. Then, I was 9 years old when I filmed ‘The Greatest Love’. At that time, I auditioned, and I went up to the 3rd audition. After that, I finally got the role. That was the first time I had a role with a lot of volumes. Actor Gong Hyo Jin’s nephew and Jung Jun Ha’s son came out. I worked with actor Cha Seung Won, but there was no trembling when I was young. I only thought that I had met this actor.” he said.

– Isn’t it burdensome to keep taking the title of ‘Ding-Dong’?

▶”I don’t want to erase the title of Ding-Dong. I think it’s my pride because it’s ‘The Greatest Love‘ that I set foot in the world of acting.” he explained.

-How are you currently doing with the archery group?

▶ “We keep in touch a lot. On rainy days in the schedule, we had time to eat together, and when an article was posted on Instagram, we talked a lot and we all got along well.” he said.

-During filming, the entrance exam was ahead, so did you ask your senior actors for advice on this?

“I always prepare for the entrance exam, but I did ask questions about the entrance exam. Actually, acting in the entrance exam is different from acting in the real world. So it was really very difficult. There were things that I wanted to give up because it was difficult, but I thought that I should try college life. I went there thinking that it would be helpful if I tried college life in my life.”, he explained.

-Where do you want to go to college, and what do you want to do the most?

▶ “I entered the Faculty of Performing Arts at Baekseok University of the Arts. The coming 23rd in OT. I am looking forward to going to OT for the first time. It’s not an MT because it’s a city-state, but it’s so good to have an OT face-to-face. Even in college group chat rooms, they talk to each other and say, ‘Let’s get to know each other quickly.’ ” he interestingly said.

– Is there a role you would like to try in the future?

“I often watch noir films. Recently, I also watched ‘Gangneung’ and I watch a lot of movies by actors Kwak Do Won and Hwang Jung Min. I also want to try the role of a prosecutor with a feeling a bit like actor Kwak Do Won. I also want to try a role in the dark world that Hwang Jung Min often played. My image is innocent. I want to try a challenge.”, he explained.

-Compared to other zombie films, is there something special about ‘All Of Us Are Dead”.

▶ “First of all, it is a Korean zombie movie, and then, if the world is destroyed by humans making a virus for the purpose of wealth and profit, ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ is a setting that a zombie virus was created to protect a son from being bullied. It was fresh. The part called a zombie virus created to protect oneself with fear of people was refreshing.” he explained.

– What kind of work do you think ‘All Of Us Are Dead.‘ will remain for you?

▶”When I first saw an advertisement hanging in Times Square a while ago, I got the feeling that having my face caught in Times Square in New York was an experience I had never had before in my life. I would like to thank director Lee Jae Gyu for making one person, Yang Han Yeol, into Yoo Jun Seong. I think this work will be the most unforgettable work in my life as an actor. In the future, I want to become an actor who challenges a new character every time he comes out, and I want to show viewers a side that does not disappoint.” he said.

-Let’s promote ‘All Of Us Are Dead.‘ to viewers who haven’t seen it yet.

▶”It is very refreshing to see zombies appearing in the space of students at school. It’s more fun to watch than other zombie movies and it’s a modern genre, so if you don’t have anything to see or don’t have time, I recommend watching it for killing time.” he explained.


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