Korean Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan’s Past Interview Resurfaces, As He Admitted That Song Ji Hyo Was His “Ideal Type”

As Cha Jun Hwan, who wrote a new history in Korean male figure skating, is gaining popularity, his ideal type is also being re-examined.

Cha Jun Hwan appeared on MBC every1 entertainment program “Video Star“, which aired in 2020, and revealed that actor Song Ji Hyo is his ideal type, expressing his firm fan sentiment.

He, who was 20 at that time, shyly said that she looked beautiful when Song Ji Hyo was active in variety shows with a bubbly personality.

In the episode, Cha Jun Hwan also revealed that he had never been in a relationship.

Viewers were surprised by his confession that he was “no girlfriend since birth” with his outstanding figure skating skills as well as his beautiful appearance and gentle personality.

He added that he had trained figure skating since elementary school and had never been in a relationship because he graduated from boys’ middle and high school.

This was not the first time Cha Jun Hwan picked Song Ji Hyo as his ideal type.

When he attended the “SBS Entertainment Awards” in 2018 as a Rookie of the Year award presenter, he chose actress Song Ji Hyo as his ideal type.

At that time, Cha Jun Hwan looked at Song Ji Hyo, who was at the awards ceremony, and confessed with a trembling voice that he had been his ideal type since childhood.

Thanks to the popularity of Cha Jun Hwan, who rose to national prestige, the fact that his ideal type is Song Ji Hyo was re-examined, and netizens expressed their envy towards Song Ji Hyo

Meanwhile, Cha Jun Hwan scored a total of 282.87 points in the ‘2022 Beijing Winter Olympics‘ and received a lot of support and love, ranking 5th in the history of Korean men’s skating.



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