Jin Ho Eun Shares His Funny Experience While Filming ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, “I had a lot of nightmares while filming…”

In addition to the members of Hyosan High School’s 2nd-year class 5, who are in charge of the main story in the Netflix original drama ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, there is an eye-catching combination. Jung Min Jae (Jin Ho Eun), Jang Ha Ri (Seung Ri Ha), Park Mi Jin (Lee Eun Saem), and Yoo Jun Seong (Yang Han Yeol), who are called ‘Archers‘. They fight with zombies to escape from the school where the zombie virus has spread, to find Jang Ha Ri‘s younger brother Jang Woo Jin (Son Sang Yeon).

Among them, Jin Ho Eun, who played an active role as Jung Min Jae, a freshman in the archery club, said in an interview with OSEN, “It took two years from the preparation stage to the production of the work. Before the release, I had a preview of the edited version and thought, ‘I hope it goes well’. I thought it would be good for the viewers to feel and sympathize with what we felt, but it feels good,”.

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ is a story that takes place while those who are isolated in a high school where a zombie virus has spread and those who try to save them go through an extreme situation that cannot be predicted. story. Within 10 days of its release, it ranked 5th in the history of Netflix TV viewing hours and also ranked first in the world’s top 10 TV programs for two weeks in a row based on the OTT ranking site Flix Patrol.

Jin Ho Eun, who said that he had not yet experienced such popularity, said, “The four members of ‘Archery’ have a lot of exchanges with director Kim Nam Soo, and we talked a lot about ‘where did you get first place? He shares a lot of captures and YouTube parody videos, which won 1st place, even in the group chat room he is with other sophomore year students in the fifth class.”

While the second-year class 5 members lead the center of the story, members of ‘Archery‘, including Jung Min Jae, presented ‘cider’ to those who saw it as an action using a bow. He said, “I thought that the second year class 5 was a group leading the play as the main theme, and we (Archers) were a group that evoked the atmosphere with cool action.

Jin Ho Eun, who said that he took archery lessons three or four times a week with Seung Ri Ha for four months as he was an archery club member in the drama, said, “I practiced a lot focusing on posture. However, it was a pity that I learned (archery) because there were many actors Seung Ri Ha who showed the posture of pulling the bow during actual filming.”

Although Jung Min Jae had a conflict with Park Mi Jin, who had a straightforward personality at the beginning of the play, he actively supported Jang Ha Ri, who was looking for his younger brother, and in the second half where Yoo Jun Seong was injured and had difficulty moving, he quietly helped by pulling the cart.

Jin Ho Eun said, “I projected a lot of myself into the role of Min Jae. I acted by projecting what I actually do to the two actors in the way I treat Park Mi Jin in the drama. It was the director’s request. However, about the scene where they tried to escape together without throwing away the injured Yoo Jun Seong, “I thought we could go out together,”.

“It was too heavy to go uphill in the rain while pulling a cart with Mijin. On the day we were filming that scene, Han Yeol ate two large bowls of gelato by himself, and at lunchtime, he ate Andong steamed chicken with two bowls of rice. After that, while filming that scene, Eun Saem and I sighed, saying, ‘What should we do with him?’ I think it might,” he said.

As it is a zombie movie, there are also episodes with actors dressed as zombies. Jin Ho Eun said, “Sometimes there are people who really come running. Since I used arrows, there was no god to get close to the zombies. However, there were times when I was surprised when a zombie actor appeared when I was passing through lunchtime and turning a corner.” “I had a lot of nightmares while filming. A lot of zombies appeared in my dreams. I dreamed of being chased by zombies more than 10 times.”

There were many difficult memories, but Jin Ho Eun expressed his desire, “I want to do (zombie) again. There are a lot of difficult parts, it takes a long time, and everyone struggles a lot, but it is so much fun to see the results of the work when it comes out. It was fun watching ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ and of course it was fun while filming it. If there is an opportunity, I want to do a lot of genres like this in the future.”

Jin Ho Eun described ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ as “The work that I love most purely. I like these people without thinking about anything else. It was said that this set was good, and the time we spent together was very good. I love this drama. There was nothing difficult. It’s always been fun, and for me, it’s a work that I love very much. In the future, different memories will be accumulated no matter what kind of work you do, but I don’t think this will change. I think it will always be one of the number one in my heart.

As this is the first genre that he tried after debuting through the web drama ‘Go, Back Diary’ in 2018, ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ was also a work that gave Jin Ho Eun a lot of acting growth. He said, “There was no interaction in the play, but I often met my second-year class 5 brothers and sisters. Actor Yoo In Soo (as Yoon Gwi Nam), Ahn Seung Gyun (as Oh Jun Young), and Lim Jae Hyeok (as Yang Dae Soo) as actors, there are many acting parts that he learned from his older brothers. It’s a pity I learned what I learned after the work was over, but I still think that it was a blessing and a blessing to meet these people in my future acting career. He learned a lot, and he also learned a lot from the coach.”

Jin Ho Eun, who finished ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘, was confirmed to appear in the next work early. The role of Byun Jeong Yeol, the passionate manager of Kim Young Dae (Gong Tae Seong), in tvN’s new drama ‘Shooting Star’, which is scheduled to be broadcast in the first half of this year. Jin Ho Eun said, “He is a completely different character from Jung Min Jae in ‘’All Of Us Are Dead’. Although he is a beginner in society, he is a pure-brained man with a clear mind. When he says one thing, he really only knows one thing. As his name suggests, he is a passionately pure friend.”

Jin Ho Eun said that he is preparing for various other activities, “I am trying to make my work more intensely from ‘’All Of Us Are Dead’ as a starting point. In the future, I will work hard to become one of the newcomers receiving more attention in Korea.”

Jin Ho Eun said, “I will work hard on what is given to me without being too greedy. I want to be seen as an actor with a good influence. I think the power of an actor is great. I want to become an actor who can be seen as a good figure for fans and the public who like me, and I also want to become an actor who can approach them with a good heart.”

“I am very grateful to those who are watching ‘All Of Us Are Dead’. Like everyone else, the actors, the staff, and the director worked so hard to film. As much as I worked hard, I thought that it would be really good, and I was grateful that I was able to get a good response. While praying alone, I said a lot of words of thanks. I wanted to say thank you to those who watched ‘All Of Us Are Dead‘ and loved it.” he said.


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