“All of Us Are Dead” Cho Yi Hyun Wants To Have A Bowl Of Soup With Her Boyfriend If Ever Survived In A Zombie Apocalypse

Actor Cho Yi Hyun, who has yet to meet her first love, mentioned a date she wants to have with her future boyfriend.

Recently, the agency Artist Company released an interview with Cho Yi Hyun and Choi Nam Ra in Netflix‘s “All of Us Are Dead“.

On that day, the agency asked, “What kind of first date do you hope for ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ after the zombie virus is over?

Cho Yi Hyun drew attention by revealing her eating habits, saying, “I really like rice soup“.

She continued, “But when the zombie apocalypse happens, I can’t eat well, so I want to have a bowl of hot soup with my boyfriend“.

In addition, when asked to give Choi Nam Ra love advice, Cho Yi Hyun said meaningfully, “Maybe Nam Ra knows better.

She added, “I don’t think love needs advice, so I think it would be good to do what my heart leads me to do”.

Previously, Cho Yi Hyun talked about a love story in an interview with Osen at the end of KBS2‘s “School 2021” in January. 

At that time, she surprised everyone by confessing that she didn’t have a first love yet, saying, “I don’t know what first love is“.

She said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in love properly. I don’t know if I will meet someday, but I don’t know yet“.

Netizens who saw the interview are pouring out reactions such as “The soup is truthful“, “She’s pretty, with perfect appetite“, etc.



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