The Real-Life Inspiration Behind “Our Beloved Summer” Main Characters Finally Meet After 7 Years In “You Quiz on the Block”

The current situation of the real main characters of the drama “Our Beloved Summer“, starring Choi Woo Shik and Kim Da Mi, has been reported.

In tvN‘s “You Quiz on the Block” broadcast on February 16th, the main character of the documentary that became the motif of SBS‘ “Our Beloved Summer” appeared as a guest.

Writer Lee Na Eun, who was in charge of the script for “Our Beloved Summer“, said that she got the idea while watching the EBS documentary “Let’s Live Like The Last Place Is First Place” while making the drama.

In the documentary that aired in 2015, the daily life of Kim Do Yoon, who ranked first in the entire school, and Eom Gyu Min, who was ranked last in the school, studying together for three months was depicted. 

The two people, who have opposite tendencies, aroused laughter by showing that they did not understand each other whenever they had a chance.

7 years have passed and the two are now 24 years old. His dignified appearance caught people’s attention.

When asked about his current status, Kim Do Yoon said, “I went to medical school. I have to go to medical school for 6 years, and I am in the 3rd year of the main course, which is equivalent to 5 years“.

Yoo Jae Seok looked at Kim Do Yoon and smiled, saying, “You feel like a typical doctor“. 

Eom Gyu Min replied, “I prepared to study abroad right after filming the documentary, and I went to a Chinese university when I was 20“, adding, “I am currently serving in the military.”

Kim Do Yoon also explained about the opportunity to appear in the documentary, “EBS gives equal opportunities to all students across the country. EBS sent an official letter to about 20 schools across the country. Thankfully, they chose us in the midst of that“.

Netizens who saw the broadcast showed reactions such as “It’s really nice to see them” and “I hope the friendship between the two of you will last forever“. 



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