‘Single’s Inferno’ Star Choi Si Hoon Denied The Rumors Of Him Working As A Waitress In A Bar

Single’s Inferno Choi Si Hoon denied the rumors of being a host bar player.

On February 16, MZ magazine Your Vibe released an interview and pictorial of Choi Si Hoon , who has gathered a large fandom not only in Korea but also abroad through Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘.

In an interview, Choi Si Hoon also mentioned the rumors that arose as the topic of ‘Single’s Inferno‘ became a hot topic. He said, “I was misunderstood as a ‘host bar player’ as the photos from my part-time job at the event were corrupted in China.”

“I’ve lived a good life during this time. I worked part-time at a convenience store and did various things, but I never did anything bad.” he added.

“I had a hard life to earn 2 million won for two years as an actor. he explained.

Choi Si Hoon said, “It’s been 5 years since I decided to act as an actor even if I died of starvation.

Choi Si Hoon gained fame by appearing in Netflix’s original entertainment show ‘Single’s Inferno‘.

On his Weibo on the 3rd of last month, he said, “I’m not a host bar player,” and deny the rumor that he was a waitress at an entertainment establishment.


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