Lee Jin Ho Revealed The Reason Of Son Na Eun’s Absence In Apink’s Group Activities

The story behind Son Na Eun‘s absence from Apink’s group activities has been told.

On February 15, Lee Jin Ho, the president of the entertainment industry, posted on his YouTube channel, ‘Apink’s control? Son Na Eun, who is swearing, posted a video titled ‘The reason for the unfairness‘.

That day, Lee Jin Ho raised a question about Apink, who celebrated the 11th anniversary of their debut, released their special album ‘HORN‘ on February 14, saying, “Why did they start activities now, instead of doing activities in the 10th anniversary since their debut?”

In the background, he claimed that member Park Cho Rong had a sexual assault controversy.

Lee Jin Ho said, ” Park Cho Rong and Mr. A, who raised school violence, had a fierce battle by publishing press releases until last January. Apink was scheduled to release a special album to celebrate its 10th-anniversary last year. However, because of the studio, they could hardly schedule a comeback.”

One of the people who suffered the most in this process was Son Na Eun.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Son Na Eun had schedule coordination with Apink in the process of deciding on the work. Apink’s comeback activities were not carried out at a time when the work was carried out.”

At the time, there were not many works that sent love calls to Son Na Eun, but Son Na Eun promised to promote as a group, so she put more weight on Apink’s comeback.

However, Lee Jin Ho claimed that Apink’s comeback schedule was continuously delayed due to Park Cho Rong’s ‘school violence controversy’ that broke out last year, and Son Na Eunhad no choice but to leave the group’s activities.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Son Na Eun decided to work on a new project after a long period of time, but coincidentally, it was intertwined with Apink’s full-length activities. It must have been a real dilemma,”.

According to Lee Jin Ho, Son Na Eun‘s close aides have already suggested their opinion, “How about leaving Apink?”

However, Son Na Eun is known to have refused, saying, “How do you throw away the group that raised me?”

Lee Jin Ho ended his talk by saying, “It is a matter to consider whetherSon Na Eun is the person who should be unilaterally cursed for this incident.”

On the other hand, Park Cho Rong was caught up in suspicions of school violence in March last year by a netizen who said he was a high school classmate. However, at the time, she said that Park Cho Rong said that she had admitted to her drinking allegations while she was in school, but that she never committed school violence.

The police decided not to dismiss the accusation against Park Cho Rong, and Mr. A, who was found guilty of intimidation and sent to the prosecution early last month with an opinion of the indictment.

Apink made a comeback with the special album ‘HORN‘ on February 14. The title song ‘Dilemma‘ is continuing its good results, entering the top spot on major domestic music charts right after its release.

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