IU Shares Her Feelings About Her Turning 30, ‘ I felt a little helpless or bored…’

Singer IU expressed her feelings about turning 30.

Fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’ released the March issue of pictorials and interviews with IU on February 16.

On this day, IU recalled the memory of the day she turned 30 and expressed, “I was thrilled.”

I was watching the year-end awards ceremony at home, and as I was counting down to the New Year, I suddenly felt something like excitement rising. It was because I felt a little helpless or bored in my late 20s.” she added.

It was the excitement I felt after a long time. I also gained confidence,” she continued.

Regarding what she planned with that feeling, she said, “It is to create a small studio and performance space where you can perform or leave your work with fellow artists.” 

“I want to do what I imagined while facing a difficult situation due to ‘COVID-19’.” she explained.

Currently, IU is continuing filming for director Lee Byung Hun‘s movie ‘Dream‘, which was temporarily stopped due to ‘COVID-19’ following the movie ‘Broker‘ by Japanese master Hirokazu Koreeda.


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