Following The Absence Of Lee Ji Hoon From The Press Conference Of ‘Sponsor’, His Name Was Removed From The Casts

Actor Lee Ji Hoon will not attend the press conference for the drama ‘Sponsor‘.

On the morning of January 23, Lee Ji Hoon decided not to attend the production presentation of the IHQ special drama ‘Sponsor‘.

Lee Ji Hoon made the name of the ‘sponsor‘ known for the conflict over allegations of abuse of power to the filming staff and production team.

Lee Ji Hoon, who finished ‘Sponsor‘ amid various controversies, is not expected to appear at the production presentation.

The name of Lee Ji Hoon was also removed from the cast of the production presentation released on February 16. Han Chae Young, Ji Yi Soo, Kim Jeong Tae, and Lee Yun Mi will attend the production presentation to introduce the drama directly.

Sponsor‘ explained that Lee Ji-hoon’s absence was a “scheduled problem.”

Sponsor‘ is a romantic romance between four men and women who go out to find a sponsor who will satisfy their desires, regardless of means and methods to get what they want. It was originally scheduled to be aired exclusively as an IHQ opening drama, but it was decided to air jointly with MBN.

Sponsor‘ is a work that has been embroiled in an untimely controversy over suspicions of so-called ‘staff abuse’ by Lee Ji Hoon, who plays the lead role. There was also a suspicion that not only the staff but also the ‘sponsors’, such as the writers, had abused the production team at the time when they were created under the name of ‘desire’ and changed the staff.

Lee Ji Hoon has denied all allegations since the controversy, and since then all misunderstandings with the staff have been resolved and reconciled, and he said that he will focus on filming only the drama.


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