Choi Si Hoon From “Single’s Inferno” Expresses His Desire To Become An Actor Says “I risked my life for acting, I have nothing to lose, so I have nothing to fear”

Choi Si Hoon in “Single’s Inferno” unraveled the ‘rumours‘ that followed with explosive topics, revealing his determination and passion as an actor.

Choi Si Hoon, who appeared on Netflix‘s love entertainment “Single’s Inferno” and gathered a large fandom not only in Korea but also abroad, took a pictorial with MZ Magazine Your Vibe. Choi Si Hoon, who showed the charm of a ‘pure man‘ with a consistent heart toward Song Jia in “Single’s Inferno“, boasted a youthful appearance full of boyish beauty in the pictorial of Your Vibe. A picture-like pictorial in which Seo Jeong Mi explodes was completed with Choi Si Hoon‘s completely deprived pose and warm lighting.

In the interview that followed, Choi Si Hoon shared behind the scenes of the filming of “Single’s Inferno“. Choi Si Hoon, who said, “I wanted to enjoy 100% of the situation in Hell, and I was completely immersed in the state of being locked up”, adding, “I didn’t force myself to date, so I thought it was right to choose the person I liked the most”. Regarding his actual dating experience, he added, “It’s been a while since my last love affair was before ‘Single’s Inferno’, but I haven’t been in a relationship since“.

He also mentioned rumors that spread as “Single’s Inferno” became popular, said, “I was misunderstood as a ‘host bar player’ as photos from my part-time job in an event were edited”. Choi Si Hoon said, “I’ve been living right all this time. I did a part-time job at a convenience store and did various things, but I never did anything bad”, adding “Aspiring to be an actor, I lived a difficult life to earn 2 million won for two years, but I didn’t want to be ridiculed for how long I had endured”.

Choi Si Hoon, continued, “After deciding to act even if I die of hunger, it’s been 5 years since I challenged myself to become an actor“, showed his passion for the job of an actor, saying, “I risked my life in acting, and I have nothing to lose“. Lastly, he said, “Even if I gain recognition in ‘Single’s Inferno’, I think I should take steps as an actor“, expressing his wish, “I want to meet a work that grows to the next level as an actor this year using Park Jung Min as a role model“.



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