‘All of Us Are Dead’ Maintains The Top Spot On Netflix’s Non-English Category

The Netflix original series ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, which is causing the ‘K-zombie‘ syndrome all over the world, maintained its top spot in the third week of its release.

According to Netflix’s official count, ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ recorded 113.24 million hours of viewing time from February 7-13, the third week of its release, continuing its top spot in the non-English TV series rankings. The series still reached number one in 94 countries.

This is 51.84 million hours of ‘Café con aroma de mujer‘ season 1 (Colombia, unreleased in Korea), which has reached its 7th week of release, but the English TV series after it was released on February 11 (Korean time). This is a high number compared to 77.31 million hours of ‘ Inventing Anna, which took first place in the non-English category TV series viewing rankings (as of 28 days after release), ‘All of Us Are Dead‘, recorded 474.26 million hours.

While “Squid Game” recorded 1.65 billion hours. Meanwhile, “Money Heist Season 4” recorded 619.01 million hours.

The Netflix series ‘All of Us Are Dead” is the story of students who are isolated in a school where a zombie virus started and are waiting for rescue, fighting together to survive.

Thanks to the worldwide popularity of the series, the weekly views and weekly transaction volume of the original webtoon ‘All of Us Are Dead‘ increased by about 80 times and by 59 times, and on Naver Webtoon English Service Platform (WEBTOON), which started serialization in 2021, Weekly views of the original webtoon increased 21 times.


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