Yoo In Soo Shares About His Relationship With Yoon Chan Young, His Mortal Enemy In ‘All Of Us Are Dead’

Yoo In Soo recently met with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Gangnam Gu, Seoul to held an interview. He mentioned his relationship with Yoon Chan Young, who played Lee Chung San in the play.

Yoo In Soo instilled fear in the play, resenting himself as “Cheongsan Obsession Gwanggong (a mind obsessed with Lee Cheong San).” Recalling a memorable comment, Yoo In Soo said, “Just give it to liquidation.” “I remember the comment that says kill Cheongsan,” he said, drawing laughter.

Yoo In Soo said, “While filming, I also thought about what it would be like to chase Cheongsan this much. I think I wanted you to know that I was the strongest in the world. Just as the pawns want to make it more And as Cheongsan approached with sharp words that hurt his inferiority complex, he seemed to have naturally changed with the mind that “he can’t do this.”

At first, if the show-off was great, I thought that a little inconvenience was taken sensitively afterward and that Cheongsan was also disqualified from looking like a leader in the crowd. In the end, Gwi Nam was also a child and a student, so I tried to have the original mind that friends of that age could have. Otherwise, it would just be a superficial psychopath, so I thought about that point,” he explained.

Yoo In Soo, who said he was buried with the actors in the field, said, “I look a little young, but I also felt a generational difference. The songs I hear and sing on the spot are completely different from Chan-young’s Even if I rap, for me, the rap is MC Mong’s “Circus,” but the song Chan-young sings after listening to the songs of rappers who are active now, so I couldn’t follow it.

I felt that it was really different here,” he continued, drawing laughter.

Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead” (directed by Chun Sung Il, Lee Jae Kyu) is a story of students who were isolated in the school where the zombie virus began and struggling together to survive, based on a popular webtoon of the same name drawn by writer Joo Dong Geun. Since its release on January 28, it has maintained its global box office success by maintaining the world’s No. 1 spot in the Netflix TV show category until February 13 and falling to No. 2 on February 14, the 16th day after its release.(Based on Felix Patrol)

Yoo In Soo acted enthusiastically as a powerful villain (villain) Yoon Gwi Nam, who became an imitative (immune) while working on school violence in the play. He followed the main characters in the play and followed Lee Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) to increase viewers’ immersion. As he has become a “world villain,” Instagram followers have also surged. The number of Instagram followers, which started with 30,000, has now exceeded 1.3 million, showing a growth rate of more than 40 times.

Yoo In Soo, who debuted in 2017 with the movie “Night of Memory,” has been active through various works, and after finishing “All of Us Are Dead,” he is filming tvN drama and Hong Sisters’ new film, “The Reincarnation. “



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