Yoo In Soo and Lee Yoo Mi Talks About Their Rising Popularity and How They Prepared To Take On Their Characters In “All of Us Are Dead”

Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead” features several students, but among them, actors Yoo In Soo and Lee Yoo Mi, who played villains, are receiving great attention.

Yoo In Soo plays the so-called “jeolbi” Yoon Gwi Nam, a zombie with only half-human intelligence and zombie violence, while Lee Yoo Mi plays Lee Na Yeon, a female student who drives her classmate to death for her own safety.

The two led the horror and tension of the play with more vicious and cold villains than zombies.

Yoo In Soo, who visit an office in Gangnam, Seoul on February 11th, said, “I was burdened because I thought Gwi Nam would be a big key in the drama,”

“I was also worried about how to express him because he was such a strong character in (original) webtoon”. he added.

“In the original work, Gwi Nam was like a psychopath without a narrative, but I thought of Gwi Nam as an ordinary person who became a villain. I enjoyed it, but when a third person sees it, I acted it by portraying the part where I became a monster”. he continued.

Gwi Nam is the main culprit who has been harassing the son of a science teacher who created the zombie virus as the No. 2 member of Hyosan High School’s bullies gang. He did something mean, such as committing the brutality of filming a naked video of a female student.

After becoming a “jeolbi”, he drives several students, including the No. 1 player of the bullies who ignored him, to death and constantly attacks Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young), who stabbed him in the eye.

Yoo In Soo said, “It felt like he wanted to enjoy the situation and show off the power he gained as he became ‘jeolbi'”.

“I tried to serve as an obstacle to my friends’ hope of surviving.”, he explained.

“I had to act with one eye, but I spent all my time looking in the mirror in the bathroom and acting with my eyes” he continued.

“If you watch an animal documentary, the pupils of the beasts before hunting move quickly and delicately, and I tried to create such a terrifying atmosphere”. he explained.

Since it is a role that attacks students, there were a lot of action scenes. From the roof of the school, from the library bookshelf, he fell several times and ran.

To this end, Yoo In Soo said that he lived in an action school for three months and learned action acting.

He said that he worked hard to elevate the fear of the main villain in appearance, such as a ‘turtle neck’ with the neck straightened and a sloppy gait, and a ‘wolf cut’ hairstyle with a sharp impression.

If Gwi Nam was a threat outside the students who wanted to survive, Na Yeon, played by Lee Yoo Mi, served as a villain inside the students.

Na Yeon plays the daughter of a wealthy family, calls her classmate Kyung Soo, who lives in a rental apartment, a beggar and blames others without lifting a finger in a crisis situation.

Lee Yoo Mi, who met on video on February 14, said, “I thought that Na Yeon was a less organized person who could not get out of her childhood”.

“At the same time, a character that shows the most extreme nature of human beings.” she said.

In the drama, Na Yeon wipes Kyung Soo‘s scratch with a handkerchief covered with zombie blood to make her claim that Kyung Soo is infected. In the end, the truth was revealed and Na Yeon, who was shunned by her friends, comes out of the broadcasting room, which used to be a refuge, spitting out a lonely line, “I have no place to lean on”.

Lee Yoo Mi said, “I thought that Na Yeon had her own pain. Na Yeon is with her friends, but she is a person who feels like she is not with them, and I think I would have been envious of Kyung Soo, who gets along well with all of his friends.”

She continued, “Even by committing an evil deed, she wanted to confirm that her words were right, and she must have wanted to gain a sense of belonging”.

In a way, Na Yeon is also a person who fits director Lee Jae Kyu‘s intention to direct hope through the drama. Na Yeon did something to anger her friends on purpose, but in the second half, she reflects on her actions and risks death to bring food to her friends.

Lee Yoo Mi said, “I think the fact that Na Yeon can think of such activities for her friends, in the end, is hope that there may be no perfect evil”.

“People are the only ones who can live for each other, and I wonder if we can find that part in Na Yeon”. she explained.

Interest in the two, who made a strong impression as villains, is also hot. There are many reactions to swearing because it is a role that is bound to be hated, but favorable reviews for acting also follow.

The number of followers on social media (SNS) for Yoo In Soo has exploded from 40,000 to 1.3 million, and Lee Yoo Mi, who made her appearance in the previous “Squid Game”, is also receiving favorable reviews for her acting. In ‘Squid Game‘, Lee Yoo Mi played Ji Yeong, number 240, who seems to have no will to live.

Asked if he realized the increased interest, Yoo In Soo said, “I am confused, and I am anxious about sudden situations”, adding, “All the actors and staff, including me, did their best without sparing their minds and bodies, and I am very happy that the results came out well”.

Lee Yoo Mi also said, “Last year’s ‘Squid Game’ and this years ‘All of Us Are Dead’ are loved so I feel like flying”, adding, “It’s a lot of pressure, but I’m trying to make up my mind that I can do better acting by that much effort”.


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