TREASURE Is Finally Back After 1 Year Of Hiatus

TREASURE is back after a year of hiatus. Launched in 2020 by YG Entertainment, they released three singles and one full-length album corresponding to the ‘THE FIRST STEP’ series in about a year and a half after their debut. The group, who grew rapidly through non-stop activities, surpassed the 1 million cumulative album sales and rose to become a K-pop rising star.

After one year of long recharging, they are ready to ‘go straight’ towards another growth point with the mini-album ‘THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE.

At the comeback online press conference held at 10 am on February 15, member Jihoon said, “I wanted to show the color of TREASURE properly. I do,” .

Choi Hyun Seok said, “I’ve shown boyish beauty before, but I think I’m in the process of throwing off my youthful tee.”

They completed a total of 6 tracks for their new album. The song that will be promoted as the title song is ‘Jikjin’ (JIKJIN), a hip-hop genre song that stands out with energetic lyrics that shout “Go straight!” and a striking sound. YG Entertainment invested 500 million won in the production cost of the music video for the title song to properly promote Treasure‘s comeback.

TREASURE will release all songs on the album through various music sites at 6 pm on the same day. It contains not only hip-hop but also R&B, ballad, and pop songs from various genres. The members actively participated in rap making, composing, and writing lyrics. Only 4 songs will be released on the music site: ‘Jikjin‘, ‘U‘, ‘DARARI‘, and ‘IT’S OKAY. The remaining songs ‘BFF‘ (Best Friend Forever) and ‘Gonna Be Fine‘ were only included in the physical album.

Yoshi said, “The goal of our comeback activities is to win first place on music shows. I want to share that joy with ‘Treasure Makers’ (fandom name) as soon as possible.”

Bang Ye Dam said, “I often imagine winning first place. When we were nominated, I even had my feelings ready, but we finished second,”.

“I hope this time my imagination will come true.”, he continued.

Treasure is also preparing for a solo concert. On April 9 and 10, they will hold their first concert after their debut at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. Asahi said, “I want to hold a world tour in the future and meet fans from all over the world.”


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