Taeyeon Appeared As Guest In FM4U’s ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin Young’ Following The Release Of ‘INVU’

Kim Shin Young praised Taeyeon’s new album.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s ‘Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin-young’ (hereinafter ‘Jeong-hee’), which was broadcast on February 15.

Regarding Taeyeon, who returned to her 3rd regular album that day, Kim Shin Young exclaimed, “There is Taeyeon in the middle of SM’s worldview. She is the goddess of the wilderness.”

Then, watching Kim Shin Young imitate the choreography, Taeyeon was surprised, saying, “Isn’t that a joke? How did you learn it after watching it?”

Then Kim Shin Young asked, “I watched it all day. As soon as it opened yesterday. How can you find a TMI that can only be released at noon’s hopeful song? The album is good and life is good.”

Taeyeon replied, “Today’s TMI ate pumpkin soup and I came to experience the MBC massage chair because it was very good.”

In response, Kim Shin Young joked, “Actress Kim Seong Gyun came out with Kim Ah Joong yesterday and experienced a massage chair in the waiting room.

Taeyeon agreed, saying, “It was so cool that I almost fell asleep. I also like MBC.”

Meanwhile, Taeyeon released her 3rd full album ‘INVU‘ on February 14.


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