Jo In Sung Returns To “Unexpected Business” For Season 2

Actor Jo In Sung, who is rarely seen in entertainment shows, will make a comeback with tvN‘s “Unexpected Business“.

On February 15th, Jo In Sung, who was in the midst of filming the teaser and poster for “Unexpected Business“, caught the attention of fans on the official YouTube channel of the agency IOK Company.

In the video, Jo In Sung made a bewildered expression when he arrived at a discount mart in Naju, Jeollanam-do, which was newly opened, and caused laughter.

He thought it was a small local supermarket like in Season 1, but he was somewhat surprised by the size of the discount mart with snacks, meat corners, and coin karaoke.

Unintentionally expanding and relocating, he drew attention by checking items with curious eyes while wandering around various corners such as meat, fruits, miscellaneous goods, and kitchen in the mart during his break.

This time, Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun are said to have to do the delivery themselves.

Unexpected Business – Season 1” received a lot of attention from small screens by melting the small scenes and sensibility of rural villages as well as the chemistry between Jo In Sung and Cha Tae Hyun, the novice presidents.

Attention is focusing on whether “Unexpected Business – Season 2“, which is set to premiere at 8:40 p.m. on the 17th, will be loved as much as in Season 1.

On the other hand, you can meet many ultra-luxury guests as much as the scale has grown significantly in “Unexpected Business – Season 2“.

In Season 2, many famous stars such as Kim Hye Soo, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Kwang Soo, Lim Joo Hwan, Hong Hyun Hee, and Seol Hyun are expected to appear.



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