Suzy Organized Meeting With Monika In Relation To Her Upcoming Song ‘Satellite’

A special meeting between singer Suzy and dancer Monica took place.

On February 14 at 6 PM, the music video teaser for Suzy’s new single ‘Satellite‘ was released on 1theK YouTube.

For this new song, Suzy collaborated with dancer Monica, who appeared on Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’. In the released music video teaser, Monica’s emotional performance caught the eye of the audience.

The appearance of Monica’s steppings on the stage in a wide hall in line with the strong Britpop-style band sound took only about 20 seconds but made it impossible to take everyone’s eyes off of it for a moment. Monica’s passionate performance, expressed through her performance with all her emotions, further maximized the mystery of ‘Satellite‘ and raised expectations for the new song.

Satellite‘ is a song that expresses the longing for something that cannot be reached and expresses the unchanging heart that it will always be around while expressing the distant feelings of longing. It has a completely different atmosphere from Suzy’s existing songs, and it’s a song where you can feel the side of Suzy as a vocalist.

Fans’ curiosity about the new song ‘Satellite‘ is growing as to what kind of synergy will be created when Suzy’s charming voice meets Monica’s performance.

For the single ‘Satellite‘, in which Suzy participated in the lyrics, Hyunmin Kang, the best singer-songwriter and producer in Korea, who worked as a leader in weather forecasting and loveholic, participated.

Suzy’s new song will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 17th.


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