Song Kang Reveals That He Loves Eating Late At Night In An Interview With Namoo Actors

Actor Song Kang showed his sincerity to a late-night meal.

On February 14, the official YouTube channel of Namoo Actors, a video titled ‘Can I sit next to Songgang?’ was posted.

In the video, Song Kang had an interlude interview while commuting to and from the filming site of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘.

In the car heading to the filming location at 6 am, Song Kang said, “I don’t feel strong if I don’t eat breakfast. That’s why I eat breakfast every morning.”

(On the way to work) in the car, I mostly read scripts and watch a lot of YouTube. It seems like I watch a lot of channels like the intelligent people are talking about. 

Song Kang showed the script of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘, which he had carefully written down. He explained that it was “a script before the characters of the first part were caught,” and said, “There is one scene left in the first part, so I’m going to film it.”

A staff asked, “Are you confident in climbing?

Song Kang said, “Actually, I’ve only been there once. It’s really good. It’s hard to go up, but when you start sweating, the adrenaline starts to rise from that point on, and it seems to be 100 times the refreshment after the gym. I bought all the equipment, but I don’t have any friends to go with. They said they wouldn’t go. I even bought the equipment, but I didn’t even take off the tag.”

Then, when asked about his favorite season, he said, “I like winter very much. I always feel the warmth in the cold.” In the meantime, he announced a change in taste, saying, “In the past, I liked shirts, but these days, Poggle likes clothes like this. Cute things.”

Song Kang boasts a reversal charm with a strong muscular body, unlike her cute dang-dang visuals. However, he said, “I can’t stop eating these days, because there are so many delicious things in the world.”

Song Kang said, “I love to eat, so I eat late-night snacks when I am not filming the next day. I ate chicken after the photoshoot yesterday. To eat chicken, I didn’t eat all day on the day of the photoshoot.” 

When asked how to endure hunger, he said, “I think of chicken. If I had eaten chicken yesterday after lunch, I would have had some regrets, but it tastes better when I eat chicken after putting up with it.” 

“Everyone do late-night snacks. I do late-night snacks and eat nothing the next day and do aerobic exercise.“, he explained.

After filming in 12 hours, Song Kang said, “I woke up around 5 in the morning and finished at 5 am. The day is very long. Still, it feels good to go when the sun is up. I filmed a lot only on set, climbed the mountains, and breathed in the fresh air while filming. It felt good,”.

Song Kang, who sleeps while reading the script due to the difficulty of the lines of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ even at dawn, said, “Actually, I want to take a break and go abroad, but the situation is not good right now, so I’m working and thinking about going abroad later,”.

Meanwhile, Song Kang is appearing in the JTBC Saturday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ as Si Woo Lee. ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is a work romance drama depicting the work and love of the Meteorological Agency people, hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than local heavy rains.


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