IU Reveals Live Broadcast Real Chat, The Speed Of The Chats Were Unbelievable

At the time of IU’s comeback, a video showing the live broadcast chatting speed was recalled.

Recently, on the online community Efem Korea, Naver NOW. A scene from ‘Spring at the Age of Twenty-Nine’ came up and drew attention.

The video showed IU communicating with fans after releasing her 5th regular album ‘LILAC‘ at the time.

On this day, the fans held an event to celebrate IU’s comeback by entering the words, My lilac Ji Eun Ah, thank you for coming back to spring‘ into the chat window.

In response, IU opened a chat window for fans during the live broadcast. In the scene IU released, there were chat messages from fans that went up so fast that it was impossible to read.

Netizens who saw the video showed reactions such as “It’s frightening”, “I think there were nearly 300,000 people at this time“, and “The chat window is really exploding”.


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