Here Are The 6 Most Unforgettable K-Drama Proposals That Will Definitely Make You Say “YES!”

These are the most famous proposal scenes mentioned by drama fans.

On Valentine’s Day, let’s look through some famous romantic confessions in K-Dramas.


“Doctors” ended with a happy marriage proposal between Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) and Hye Jung (Park Shin Hye).

In a very romantic natural setting, Ji Hong asked to marry the person he loved. The bride-to-be agreed and the two gave each other a very sweet kiss, making many fans jealous. 

Doctors” is a drama about the realism in the relationship between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of educational background and origin.


The dreamy and emotional scene when Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) proposed to his bride Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) in the drama “Goblin” is also very famous.

Under the blooming cherry blossoms, the “GoblinKim Shin confessed, “I’m going to tell you this because this is the right time, because you have always shone so brightly, and because my first love has always been you. On a beautiful someday, will you become the bride of this Goryeo man?

Goblin” is about a ‘protective goblin’ who needs a human priest to end his immortal life, and an Angel of Death living together. The drama is a wonderful but sad one as the goblin and the Angel of Death sees the Dead off into the other world.

Coffee Prince

Without candles, flowers, or gifts, Han Gyul (Gong Yoo)’s confession from the bottom of his heart to Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) still touched the hearts of all viewers.

Han Gyul slightly touch the hair of Eun Chan and asked, “Will you marry me?” with a simple but sincere reason that is he want to stay by her side making the first kimchi, holding their first child’s hands together, taking their children to school for the first time and seeing them getting married.

Coffee Prince” is a TV series that revolves around the love life and dreams of four young people who meet together at a café.

Princess Hours (Goong)

Let’s get married, not an arranged marriage, but I’m proposing to you – the girl I want to live with for the rest of my life”, are the sincere words that Shin (Joo Ji Hoon) gave Chae Kyeong (Yoon Eun Hye) although both were married before because of family arrangements.

Therefore, even though there is no romantic atmosphere or luxurious dress parties in the palace, this confession is still surprisingly beautiful, making viewers remember forever.

Princess Hours” is a drama that starts with the interesting premise. What if modern Korea were a constitutional monarchy with a king? and offers two types of fun the romance arising between a noble prince and an ordinary girl, and the familiarity of all this happening in modern-day Korea.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” couple Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) once fluttered the hearts of viewers with their romantic proposal.

In episode 15, Lee Young Joon arranged a fancy party then sang and played a song to propose to his beautiful secretary. The scene was decorated with hundreds of candles, love letters, and candies.

Following the candle lights, Mi So came to the room where Young Joon was playing the piano and sang his confession song. After the performance, Young Joon approached Mi So with the ring in his hand. He kneeled down and said, “Will you marry me?”. The proposal scene ended with the two’s passionate kiss.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” is a cocky vice president and his highly capable secretary of nine years are the highlights of this web-toon adaptation.

Crash Landing On You

Hyun Bin Netflix GIF by The Swoon - Find & Share on GIPHY

I’m grateful that you came into my life, like a gift. You asked if we can see each other again by praying and waiting with all our hearts — The answer is yes, you can. I love you” — Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok (Hyun Bin)

Crash Landing On You” is an absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her.



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