Fans Were Suprised To Know These Facts About Taeyon’s Album ‘INVU’

While Taeyeon is making a comeback with her 3rd regular album INVU, an unexpected fact caught the attention of netizens.

On February 9, an article was posted on the online community Theku, ‘ Things that have never been in Taeyeon’s full album yet ‘.

The article contains a list of songs from Taeyeon’s 1st full album ‘My Voice‘, 2nd album ‘Purpose‘, and 3rd album ‘INVU‘ released on February 14, which Taeyeon has released so far. 

According to the list, Taeyeon has filled the album with only her own voice without a single feature on the regular album. Even in her mini-album, songs featuring her works such as Dean, Verbal Jint, and Hyoyeon are very rare. 

Netizens who found out about this unexpected fact left comments such as “I thought it was like that. It was the first time I knew it”, “It’s amazing“, “I prefer Taeyeon’s voice alone”, and “Taenggo’s voice is the best”


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