Chungha Following Hyoyeon And Park Shin Hye Was Criticized By Chinese Netizens For Wearing Hanbok

Chungha, who showed love for hanbok by saying ‘Korean traditional culture’ on a personal broadcast, is receiving comments from Chinese netizens. 

To celebrate her birthday on February 9, Chungha conducted a live broadcast through Naver V Live. During the broadcast, Chungha was asked a number of questions from fans. 

Chungha mentioned hanbok in the process. She said, “I wore hanbok for all of this season’s greeting photo shoot. Everyone, it’s hanbok.

The broadcast is known to be watched with interest by overseas fans as well. 

It seems that Chungha made this statement conscious of the controversy surrounding the appearance of a Chinese woman in hanbok at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. 

The V-live video was also uploaded to Chungha’s Instagram account. Then, Chinese netizens were outraged. Chinese netizens commented on Chungha’s SNS, “Why are you stealing Chinese history and culture?”, “Never steal Chinese traditional culture again”, and “Hanbok is China’s national costume. Please learn the history well and tell me again.”

Korean netizens who confirmed this commented, “The purpose of Chinese netizens is to reduce our mention of hanbok over and over again and make us notice it. We should mention it more without getting caught up in this strategy.” It’s funny to see terrorists”, “Why are you angry when Koreans wear hanbok?” and “Ignore the Chinese reaction.” 

Korean celebrities who recently mentioned hanbok continue receive hate comments from Chinese netizens. Hyoyeon and Park Shin Hye were also attacked for posting photos related to hanbok. 


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